5 Life-Changing Experiences To Expect As A New Father

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what to expect as a new father

You are ready to become a dad! Amazing, and that is exciting, and you deserve a big congratulations because this is one of the biggest life changes you are going to be experiencing. Yet at the same time, you will understandably be anxious and concerned because you don’t know exactly what to expect as a new father. With that said, it’s great that you stumbled upon this article because you are about to find out what being a new dad is all about.

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You Can Now Once and For All Discover What to Expect as A New Father

The first thing you have to expect is that during your partner’s pregnancy, you will need to provide her with all of the support you can give her. In fact, dads are pregnant too for this reason. It does not matter whether or not she is having an easy and uneventful pregnancy. She will be facing plenty of physical changes which will not only make her uncomfortable on a physical level. But on a mental and emotional level as well. As long as you are there no matter what to support her, you are already starting to experience what being a dad is like even before the baby comes into the world.

That is right. That means if she has a strong craving for a burger during her pregnancy at 11 pm, you are going to have to go and make sure that her craving is satisfied. Even if that means getting out of your PJ’s, and getting off of the sofa no matter how comfortable you are while watching your favorite program on TV. This is just a taste of being a father.

However, once the baby does arrive, you’ll need to know what to expect as a new father on a whole different level. Because being a dad-to-be is much different from being a dad of a newborn that has arrived in this world. Let’s go over some important points that will shed light on what to expect as a new father:

1. Conflicted Feelings

Dads, you may have felt this during your partner’s pregnancy. But those feelings mixed with excitement as well as anxiety are completely normal. You may even have fantasies about running away and going to the bar with your single guy friends. Especially when the baby is screaming in the night for feedings and your partner is highly emotional due to the changing hormones. And as long as they stay as fantasies, then that is fine. Let those feelings pass and even talk to someone who you trust about it. Talk to your partner because she needs to know how you are feeling, and she will appreciate that you had opened up to her about your anxiety and fears as well. She is feeling that too. Fatherhood is a big deal.

2. You’ll Evaluate Your Financial Situation

Dads, if you find yourself to be in a tight spot financially since you have a new member of the family to support, then it is time to make some significant changes with how you spend your money. And there is a good chance that you will be in this situation. With that said, what to expect as a new father is to cut down on subscriptions that you no longer need or even eliminate them. Pay attention to the money you are spending because you will not be able to go to nearly as many sporting events. Never mind that you’d have to pay for babysitters to watch the baby as well very often in order to go to these events with your partner.

3. Your Marriage or Relationship Will Change

This is one inevitable fact about fatherhood. Once that baby comes, your relationship will change because of the new baby. You will go through some rough times and some rough spots due to the adjustment. You and your partner have some huge responsibilities which will take a toll on the relationship. Unfortunately, this is why many marriages don’t last because the stress of caring for kids can be too much. However, stay strong because you and your partner will come out better on the other side.

4. Your Friends Will Probably Be Other Dads

You will find as well that your single guy friends will not see you nearly as often or even contact you because face it. They don’t have anything in common with you anymore. The same will happen with your partner, and that means she will make new mom friends. And, what will end up happening is that the partners of her new mom friends will likely become your friends as well! You will go from having single guy friends to dad friends.

5. Your Priorities Simply Change

You now have a new baby and you now have a huge tie to your partner as a result. You will not have the time or the patience for anything that is not important anymore. For instance, silly arguments that you had with your single guy friends will seem pointless and no longer important to you. Having a baby will change your perspective with everything imaginable. And this is exactly how your priorities change drastically.

You now know what to expect as a new father. If you’re like me and like to plan and prepare for big life changes, consider reading up on being a dad. If you are a new dad and you have any input that was not mentioned here, please share it to help other new fathers!

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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