7 Tips on How to Be A Responsible Father

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tips on how to be a responsible father

Being a dad is overwhelming and I understand how it is to want to be the best dad around. And, you can most definitely attain that but be sure to leave perfection out of it because it simply does not exist. Mistakes are inevitable because again, there is no such thing as perfect parenting, or perfect anything really. But dads can strive for excellence and by doing that, you can easily follow these 7 steps on how to be a responsible father.

How to Be A Responsible Father by Taking These Steps

You will want your kids to have respect for you as a dad, and by following and utilizing these 7 tips below, that will happen:

1. Spend Time with Your Kids

Dads, you will be tired from working all day but your partner is also tired whether she works or stays home to manage the household chores while caring for the kids. She will need a break, and you need to spend time with your kids so that they know how involved you are in their lives. Because if you don’t spend much time with your kids, they will only remember their dad as being absent and that is not what you want to happen.

2. Read To Your Kids

It is important that kids are read to often so they develop an interest in reading, and it helps encourage language skills as well. And there is no better way to not only spend time with your kids, but you are reading to them as well. Allow them to choose the books that they want their dad to read. That will also make them more enthusiastic about story time.

3. Discipline But With Love

Kids need to have discipline otherwise they will be out of control and that will only become harder to manage as they get older. Especially once they reach the teenage years, then you will regret it if they are not properly controlled. Kids need love, plenty of love, and they also need discipline so they are kept in line. You can set the rules but do it with love and compassion. They need their dad to teach them what is right and what is wrong because they don’t know at very young ages. Be the one to send them for a time out in their room if they are displaying unacceptable behaviors so they can regroup and reflect on the negative effects of their actions. Eventually as they mature, they will stop. Discipling the kids is one way on how to be a responsible father, and this has to be done consistently.

4. Eat With Your Kids

It is always important for the entire family to eat dinner together to have some bonding time. Unfortunately, some dads have to work overtime and that is not always going to be possible for them to eat dinner with their partners and kids. However, under normal circumstances, it can be done and it is recommended that fathers eat dinner with the family. This way, the kids will always remember that their fathers have been present during dinner time.

5. Always Respect the Child’s Other Parent

This can be a challenge after getting into a bitter fight with the partner, or worse while facing a messy divorce. However, the kids will always remember how their dad spoke about their mother. Even if the dad left the mother for legitimate reasons such as her cheating on him or even being abusive, the dad should never speak negatively about the mother at all. That only will look bad on the father because the kids will grow up and look back and not be impressed with how dad always said negative things about their mom even if it was justified.

6. Be Your Child’s Teacher

Dads, this is an important method to take to heart, and this is one way on how to be a responsible father. Teach your children about important life skills from day one. For instance, you will want to be more frugal and it is the wisest thing to do since you have a family to support. Teach your kids the value of money, and the value of saving money, and why it is important. Teach your kids to respect others, and to be strong, and to stand up for themselves in situations where they must. Teach them self-defense tactics and even enroll them in a course that will teach them how to defend themselves if necessary. Your kids one day will thank you for consistently being there for them.

7. Be Your Child’s Role Model

This is one of the most important ways on how to be a responsible father. Whatever you do, your children watch. If you litter, then they will think it is fine to throw trash in the streets. If you use profanity, then guess what. They will too and think there is nothing wrong with it. Always be nice to others, and if someone holds the door for you while you are entering and exiting a building, thank them loud enough so your kids can hear you. Also, be the one to hold the door for others and don’t get upset if they don’t thank you for it. That is actually an opportunity to teach your kids that not everyone will be kind and polite because it is the hardcore truth. Remember, what you do, your kids will also follow your example so you will want to make sure that you are the best example for your kids.

With these 7 tips on how to be a responsible father, you will be able to strive for excellence without worrying about perfection since it does not exist. You do your best as a dad, and that is all your kids will want, as they will love you, and respect you, and look up to you. If you have any other tips on how to a responsible father, please share those hacks. We are always listening and always interested.

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