What Makes A Good Marriage?

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what makes a good marriage

What makes a good marriage? That is the million-dollar question. Unfortunately, in this day and age, many couples are splitting up for many reasons. Occasionally, married couples split up because they have simply outgrown one another which is not a good reason to file for divorce. There are always ways to spark up the flames if they really valued their relationship. However, for those who don’t, they are the ones that are not interested in trying anything to help them bond with one another again.

More frequently, however, the most common reason for higher divorce rates are due to stress that these couples have a hard time managing. That can be due to financial problems, stress from having kids, especially if any of the children have special needs, stress from meddling in-laws, infidelity, and the list goes on. Another reason for the high divorce rate would be grief. Whether it is grief due to the loss of a child, or having a child with special needs which would mean a death of a dream is a common reason.  However, the fact of the matter is that life is full of stress and heartbreak which can make or break a married couple.

In order to find out what makes a good marriage, couples need to learn tips in order to keep the marriage strong regardless of what is going on in their lives. And, if they need the help of a marriage counselor, then they must take advantage of it. However, there are important tips that all married couples must utilize if they find themselves in a tough spot for any reason. Let’s go over them now.

Learn About What Makes A Good Marriage

Good Communication

Communication is key in order to keep a marriage alive and strong. This means that in order to make sure your needs are met, you must voice them. Your partner is not a mind-reader and that means that he or she will not know what you need if you don’t express it. This goes for anything you need to discuss. Good communication will make a marriage, and poor communication will break a marriage.

Listening To Your Partner

Along with communication, you also need to make sure you are listening to your partner and at the same time, your partner must listen to you as well. If neither of you listens to one another, that will kill your marriage.

Openness and Honesty

This also falls into the communication area. It is crucial that you are honest and open with your partner. This means if you are upset about something your partner did, you must tell him or her about it. Otherwise, the anger will fester, and it will turn into resentment. And, resentment is a relationship killer. In fact, resentment is a huge reason as to why many marriages have failed. That also means you must be willing to listen to any issues that your partner has with you as well.


Trust is comparable to a piece of paper or glass because both are fragile. And, if either of them breaks, then neither of them can be whole again. Even if you glue the paper or glass up, it will still be broken. The same goes for trust. If you are unable to trust your partner or vice versa, then you are going to have marital issues. If you made a mistake, such as kissing someone else or even worse, yes, your partner will be upset and rightfully so. However, if you are open and honest about the fact that you made a mistake, even to that degree, there is a good chance that your marriage can be healed.

The Ability to Compromise

The fact of the matter is, you and your partner will disagree with something. That means you both will need to find ways to compromise in order to meet each other’s needs. If you are not able to compromise with your partner and vice versa, then that will only create a breeding ground for resentment. For instance, if your partner really wants a dog but you don’t, you will need to find some kind of compromise. That may mean that your partner can have the dog as long as he or she does not expect you to be the one to housebreak or be tied down to the dog. That includes your partner being responsible for all vet appointments. If you make that clear, and your partner accepts that, then you will need to allow your partner to have the dog.

Patience and Tolerance

There are things that your partner will do that will annoy you and vice versa. You will need to find a way to allow those annoyances to roll off of your back, and your partner will need to do the same. No one is perfect, and everyone has annoying habits.


What makes a good marriage is that you give attention to your partner and your partner is expected to give you attention as well. If neither of you is paying attention to one another at all, then the lack of caring will be felt and that will only lead to resentments and hurt feelings.


This is a no-brainer. If neither of you respects one another, then that will kill the marriage.


You have to make time for one another regardless of how busy either of you is with work or child rearing.

Now, you know exactly what makes a good marriage. If you are running into marital problems for any reason, then you must go and seek marital counseling. This way, a third-party mediator can help any couple fix issues that they may not be able to see themselves. Sometimes married couples are quite broken to the point that they really do not see where they had gone wrong. But if the marriage is salvageable, then any kind of help given by a third party can save it!

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