What to Pack in Your Hospital Labor Bag? Here Are 9 Essentials

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9 items that must go into your hospital labor bag

The pregnancy is finally coming to an end, which means the exciting time of meeting that little person that has been growing inside of you is coming very soon. With that said, once the mom-to-be is 36 weeks pregnant, it is time to know about the items to pack in the hospital bag for labor.

The last thing any new parent-to-be wants to face is not being properly prepared before they need to head over to the hospital after active labor begins. Not only do you need the right items for the newborn baby, but you need to make sure that you and the new dad has the items needed that are packed in the hospital bag as well.

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What To Pack in My Hospital Labor Bag?

This is the time to do your research so you know exactly what to bring to the hospital for the big day. You can always ask your midwife or OBGYN if you have one about the necessary items for the newborn baby as well as for you. If you have a Lamaze instructor, there is a good chance that he or she will tell you what items needed must be packed in the hospital bag.

With that said, you were likely told to pack up your birth plan, as well as diapers, sleepers, and swaddling blankets for the new baby. You likely were told to pack up clothing for yourself for when you return home as well. However, there are other important things that cannot be forgotten, and you will want to make sure that the following 9 items needed are packed in the hospital bag so you are properly prepared for the labor and delivery.

1. T-Shirt or Old Nightgown

These items will serve a different purpose than the ones just mentioned because you will need to wear an old gown and or an old T-shirt during the time you are literally about to deliver. Expect a huge mess for when the baby arrives. This way, if you are wearing old clothing that you don’t want to wear again, you don’t need to worry about your favorite clothes or gowns becoming permanently stained!

2. Socks and Slippers

Your feet are going to get really cold while you are anticipating the immediate arrival of your newborn. This means socks and slippers are necessary items to pack in the hospital bag for labor so you can stay warm! Be sure to bring several sets because if you wear only one pair of socks during the time of the delivery, then they are guaranteed to not be usable again.

3. Snacks and Drinks

Even though moms in labor are told not to eat due to the risk of them getting sick, small portions of food such as bananas and whole grain crackers are fine. Besides, you need the extra calories to do such a huge job which is bringing a brand-new life into the world. Not to mention, dad will need to have plenty of snacks and drinks as well so he can have the energy to support you during labor! Protein bars are a good choice for dad to munch on.

4. Books, Magazines, or a Tablet

Unless the labor is very quick, there is a strong chance that you and your partner will be in the hospital for a while. This is why you need to be sure the entertaining and distracting items needed are packed in the hospital bag as well. The dad-to-be will need to be kept occupied and if this is the first child, books about being a first time dad would be great to pack. The same goes for you so you can be distracted from the pain. Be sure to bookmark a hilarious website on your tablet or bring a funny book along so you don’t focus too much on the pain.

5. Toiletries

Hospitals do provide soap and other hygienic items, however, you are much better off with bringing your own. You know what soap you like to use so be sure to bring that instead of relying on the soap provided by the hospital. Don’t forget your own towels, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, and lip balm either. You can even throw in some massage oils into your toiletry section of the labor bag if you want your partner to give you a massage during labor because it may be comforting.

6. Different Pads

Some of the crucial items needed that are packed in the hospital bag would be nursing pads and large maxi pads. The hospital will provide their own but the fact of the matter is, they are not comfortable. You are much better off with bringing the pads that you are familiar with! And if you are not planning on nursing, it does not matter. You need to bring them anyway because you will be leaking and you will not want to get your sweater or gowns wet! Remember you want to be comfortable!

7. A Watch

In order to track how long your contractions are while you are in the hospital, you need to make sure that your partner has his watch to keep track of how many minutes pass in between contractions. This way, you will know how close you really are for when the newborn is making his or her way into this world. If you don’t have a watch, then these timer apps are perfect to download whether you have iOS or an Android phone that you can access right here.

8. Infant Necessities

It was already mentioned that the items for the newborn baby to pack are diapersand receiving blankets. But don’t forget the hats, booties, and mittens as well because the baby will easily scratch his or her face since the nails are going to be long! After all, these nails have been growing in the womb for nearly 9 months and it is too soon to cut them. You don’t need to bring formula or bottles because the hospital will provide them if you are planning to formula feed your baby.

9. A Properly Installed Car Seat

This may not technically be an item to pack in the hospital bag for labor, however, you need to make sure that a car seat for the newborn is properly installed. Otherwise, the hospital will not allow you to bring your baby home. The hospital usually has technicians that can do the installation or you can call your local police station to have someone come out to do the job.

If you only thought the right items for the newborn baby had to go into the hospital bag, then it is a good thing you read this because that is definitely not the case. You need items to pack in the hospital bag for labor for yourself and the new dad because the parents need to be well-equipped to welcome their new bundle properly! Good luck with your labor and delivery!

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